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CorData v1.0 - Legacy DOS File Data Import Tool

Do you have data from legacy DOS version 3.20 of CORMIX that you want to analyze with the updated hydrodynamics and tools of CORMIX v12.0?

No Problem! There is no need for the tedious task of data re-entry, just point and click on the CorData button, to load your data directly into CORMIX.

CorData will routinely load 90-100% of the data you need to run a simulation in CORMIX v12.0. We recommend you keep your old DOS summary or prediction files available for reference.

Please review the CORMIX Feature Comparison table for CORMIX v12.0 versions, to check for CorData availability - VIEW

CorData v1.0
Screenshot of Legacy DOS Version - CORMIX v3.20.