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Please click on the links in the feature comparison table below, in order to get more detailed information about a particular version or feature.

CORMIX v12.0 Feature Comparison


CORMIX Versions

v12.0E v12.0G v12.0GT v12.0GTH v12.0GTS v12.0GTD v12.0GTR*
Free Release General Release Advanced Tools Advanced Tools Hydraulics Advanced Tools Sediment Advanced Tools Design Research Tools Release
CorSupport Technical Support Service   contact us contact us contact us contact us contact us contact us
CorData - Legacy Data Import Tool  
CorHelp Online User Guide
CORMIX User Manual (PDF)
CorSpy 3D/2D Outfall Graphics  
CorVue 3D/2D Mixing Zone Graphics  
CorSens Sensitivity Analysis Tool  
CORMIX1 Single Port Discharges
CORMIX2 Multiport Diffusers
CORMIX3 Surface Discharges
CorJet 3D Jet Integral Model
FFL Far-field Plume Analysis
CorGIS BASINS/ArcView Tool
Brine Discharge Modeling
CorHyd - Internal Diffuser Hydraulics      
Sediments, Drill Cuttings and Muds
Discharge Modeling
CorPlot - 2D Graphs  
CorPlot - Sediment Bottom Deposition Plots      
CorUCS - Coordinate System Converter        

CorDocs Technical Documentation  
CorVal - Case Validation Service  
CorBatch - Batch Processing Utility            
CorTime - Time Series/Far-Field Model Link            
*GTR version for research and development use. contact us for availability/licensing.
Subscription Fee required in addition to current software licensing. contact us for more details.