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CorUCS - Universal Coordinate System Converter

CorUCS is a new post-processing tool that will convert CORMIX trajectory information in a prediction file from the CORMIX coordinate system to the coordinate system specified by the end user using the outfall location's latitude and longitude position (in WGS84 format).

The inputs required for the conversion are ambient current direction and diffuser position relative to geographic North

The output consists of 3 files for each simulation case, created in the /System/ subdirectory of the CORMIX installation.

  1. CorUCS_Points.txt - A text file enumerating the CorUCS inputs and CORMIX predction trajectory points.
  2. CorUCS_Points_UCS.txt - A text file that contains the CORMIX prediction points in the converted coordinate system.
  3. - A NetCDF file representing the CORMIX predicted points in the converted UCS coordinate system.

Please review the CORMIX Feature Comparison table for CORMIX v12.0 versions, to check for CorUCS availability - VIEW

CorUCS UI snapshot