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CorVal - CORMIX Case Validation Service

CorVal is an interactive web-based validation service for the CORMIX mixing zone model.

This service will validate a client's CORMIX model prediction with available case study data contained in the CorVal database of plume dilution experiments.

The dilution database is derived from published laboratory and field studies of buoyant jet mixing and plume dilution.

This system is currently restricted to submerged single port discharges into uniform ambient environments.

CorVal will present a validation analysis of the client's CORMIX predictions compared to cases in the database with similar physical mixing characteristics. Correlation statistics are presented to demonstrate how well the client's CORMIX prediction compares to the available data.

CorVal will also provide simple regression statistics and graphs of predicted vs. measured values.

Currently only authorized users from USEPA have access to this service.

Access to CorVal is available on a subscription contract basis. Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

Additionally the CORMIX benchmarking site contains a collection of data from turbulent buoyant jet mixing experiments which constitute a database for "benchmarking" model performance- comparing simulation model predictions with observations.

Statistical and graphical tools are presented for interactively comparing data with CORMIX simulation model results. The benchmark database is currently restricted to single port discharges. However, it could be extended to multiport diffusers, surface discharges, etc.

View the CORMIX Benchmarks website.

View the bibliography of plume dilution experiments in the CorVal database.

Please review the CORMIX Feature Comparison table for CORMIX v12.0 versions, to check for CorVal availability - VIEW

CorVal - CORMIX Case Validation System
CorVal - Web based CORMIX case validation system.

CorVal - Validation Plots
Example of a validation graph comparing the predicted values of a CORMIX simulation with data from plume dilution experiments.