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Development History of CORMIX

In 1986 CORMIX development began at Cornell University under contract from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Research Laboratory, Athens, GA; Dr. Thomas Barnwell, Program Officer).

Following the initial development of the CORMIX1 subsystem (Doneker and Jirka, 1990) other system features were gradually added in the ensuing years.

We thank the numerous agencies, academic institutions, researchers, clients and developers who have helped in the support and development of CORMIX.

Willamette River Protest
Portland, Oregon youth of 1938 join the mayor in protest of Willamette River pollution. Photo: Oregon Historical Society.

Development of DOS Versions at Cornell University

1989 Version 1.00, 1992 Version 2.00, 1993 Version 2.10
1994 Version 3.00, 1995 Version 3.10, 1996 Version 3.20

Principal Investigator: Gerhard H. Jirka
CORMIX1: Robert L. Doneker (1986-89)
CORMIX2: Paul J. Akar (1988-93)
CORMIX3: Gilbert R. Jones (1989-90)
CORMIX3 & tidal components: Jonathan Nash (1993-95).

Development of CORMIX-GI at Oregon Graduate Institute

1999 Versions 4.00 - 4.03b
2000 Versions 4.1E, 4.1G, 4.1GT, 4.1GTR

Principal Investigator: Robert L. Doneker
Scientific Advisor: Gerhard H. Jirka
Development Team: Jackie Truong, Denise Wernette, Wilson Chen, Ming Qi, John Bocharov, Kris Murray, John Roth, Max Considine, Andy Delcambre, Matt Hackett, Adithya S. Ramachandran

Development of CORMIX at MixZon Inc.

2002 Versions 4.2E, 4.2G, 4.2GT, 4.2GTR
2004 Versions 4.3E, 4.3G, 4.3GT, 4.3GTR
2007 Versions 5.0E, 5.0G, 5.0GT, 5.0GTS, 5.0GTR
2009 Versions 6.0E, 6.0G, 6.0GT, 6.0GTS, 6.0GTD, 6.0GTR
2011 Versions 7.0E, 7.0G, 7.0GT, 7.0GTH, 7.0GTS, 7.0GTD, 7.0GTR
2012 Versions 8.0E, 8.0G, 7.0GT, 8.0GTH, 8.0GTS, 8.0GTD, 8.0GTR
2014 Versions 9.0E, 9.0G, 9.0GT, 9.0GTH, 9.0GTS, 9.0GTD, 9.0GTR
2016 Versions 10.0E, 10.0G, 10.0GT, 10.0GTH, 10.0GTS, 10.0GTD, 10.0GTR
2018 Versions 11.0E, 11.0G, 11.0GT, 11.0GTH, 11.0GTS, 11.0GTD, 11.0GTR
2021 Versions 12.0E, 12.0G, 12.0GT, 12.0GTH, 12.0GTS, 12.0GTD, 12.0GTR

Principal Investigator: Dr. Robert L. Doneker
Scientific Advisor: Dr. Gerhard H. Jirka
Development Team: Adithya S. Ramachandran, Kent Thompson, Frank Opila, Brenda Mccoy, Dr. Tobias Bleninger, Dr. Todd Sanders, Ruta Stabina,Matt Hackett