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CORMIX2: Multiport Discharges

A multiport diffuser is a linear structure consisting of many more or less closely spaced ports or nozzles which inject a series of turbulent jets at high velocity into the ambient receiving water body.

These ports or nozzles may be connected to vertical risers attached to an underground pipe or tunnel or they may simply be openings in a pipe lying on the bottom.

For complex hydrodynamic cases (e.g. alternating diffusers or an unstable near-field), CORMIX2 uses the "equivalent slot diffuser" concept and thus neglects the details of the individual jets issuing from each diffuser port and their merging process, but rather assumes that the flow arises from a long slot discharge with equivalent dynamic characteristics.

Hence, if details of the effluent flow behavior in the immediate diffuser vicinity are needed, an additional CORMIX1 simulation for an equivalent partial effluent flow may be recommended.

Source Characterization Assumptions:
  • All subsystems require that the actual cross-section of the water body be described or schematized as a rectangular straight uniform channel that may be bounded laterally or unbounded. The ambient velocity is assumed to be uniform within that cross-section.
  • In addition to a uniform ambient density possibility, CORMIX2 allows for three generic types of ambient stratification profiles to be used for the approximation of the actual vertical density distribution.
  • All CORMIX subsystems are in principle steady-state models, however new developments allow the analysis of unsteady mixing in tidal environments.
  • All CORMIX systems can predict mixing for both conservative and non-conservative first-order decay processes, and can simulate heat transfer from thermal plumes.
Definition diagram and limits of applicability for CORMIX2 multiport diffuser discharges (larger image).

CORMIX2 Multiport Diffuser Types

CORMIX2 applies to three commonly used types of multiport diffuser discharges under the same general effluent and ambient conditions as CORMIX1.

The three types of multiport diffuser discharges are:

  1. Unidirectional Multiport Designs
  2. Staged Multiport Designs
  3. Alternating Multiport Designs

CORMIX2 allows the above designs of multiport diffusers and allows for arbitrary alignment of the diffuser structure within the ambient water body, and for arbitrary arrangement and orientation of the individual ports.

Please click on the slide images below for examples of various multiport diffuser configrations.