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CorDocs - Hypertext Technical Documentation & Reports Set

CorDocs hypertext documentation set puts you in control of over 1000 pages of material contained in the CORMIX1, CORMIX2, and CORMIX3 technical reports. All figures, formulas, and tables are reproduced in easy to navigate online hypertext format, viewed with your web browser.

Why waste valuable time looking for a technical reference? A simple mouse click can answer most of your CORMIX documentation questions within seconds on your web browser, by simply pressing the F1 key.

CorDocs puts the complete set of CORMIX technical documentation at your fingertips.

Please review the CORMIX Feature Comparison table for CORMIX v12.0 versions, to check for CorDocs availability - VIEW

Note: Requires an active internet connection.

CorDocs - ScreenShot
CorDocs makes finding technical references quick and easy

Technical reports and documents contained in CorDocs

  • CORMIX1 Technical Report: "Expert Systems for Hydrodynamic Mixing Zone Analysis of Conventional and Toxic Single Port Discharges (CORMIX1)", by R. L. Doneker and G. H. Jirka, EPA /600/3-90/012, 1990.
  • CORMIX2 Technical Report: "CORMIX2: An Expert System for Hydrodynamic Mixing Zone Analysis of Conventional and Toxic Multiport Diffuser Discharges", by P. J. Akar and G.H. Jirka, EPA /600/3-19/073, 1991.
  • CORMIX3 Technical Report: "CORMIX3: An Expert System for Mixing Zone Analysis and Prediction of Buoyant Surface Discharges" by G.R. Jones, J. D. Nash, and G. H. Jirka, 1996.