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CORMIX - GTR (Advanced Tools Research Release)

CORMIX - GTR is the full research release version of the CORMIX software and provides a flexible analysis environment for advanced research on mixing process simulation.

It is intended for academic use and/or research and development ONLY.

This version of the CORMIX software can be licensed to qualified researchers and others who need additional flexibility in the CORMIX application.

It contains all hydrodynamic simulation elements and pre- and post-processors contained in all the other versions. Routines to simulate suspended sediment discharges are included.

It relaxes some constraints on model application for advanced analysis. In addition, it contains experimental tools for advanced mixing zone analysis, such as CorTime and CorBatch.

CorTime - Time Series/Far-Field Model link is a time series analysis tool of CORMIX for linkage with far-field coastal circulation models.

CorBatch is a batch processing tool for unlimited variation in data input parameters, useful in extended simulation studies.

The latest/current supported version is CORMIX v12.0GTR

Please review the Feature Comparison Table for features available in CORMIX v12.0GTR - VIEW

CorTime UI
CorTime input UI in CORMIX - GTR.

CorBatch UI
CorBatch data input UI in CORMIX - GTR.
CORMIX software is licensed and distributed solely by MixZon Inc

To License CORMIX - GTR Version:
  1. Create a user account by registering with MixZon Inc - Register
  2. Download, install and evaluate CORMIX using the evaluation version - Download
    (CORMIX v12.0E is the Free Demo Version)
  3. Review the CORMIX Licensing Agreement - VIEW
  4. Review the Feature Comparison table for CORMIX - VIEW
  5. Please contact us for research version availability, licensing, pricing and support options.