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CORMIX - GTH (Advanced Tools Hydraulics Version)

CORMIX - GTH is the advanced tools hydraulics software release version for state-of-the art documentation and analysis of mixing zones, outfall specification, design optimization, and environmental impact assessment, analysis and visualization.

It contains new and improved features and additional pre- and post processor functions for near-field, far-field, and boundary interaction analysis.

The CORMIX - GTH, advanced tools hydraulics version includes CorHyd.

CorHyd in an Internal Diffuser Hydraulics model that is used for the calculation of flow characteristics in multiport diffuser construction. It includes loss calculations for complex geometries, as well as additional flow forcing due to density differences. CorHyd will assist in the analysis of the internal diffuser hydraulics of multiport diffusers, thus helping in the specification of an optimal diffuser design with improved mixing performance and possible reduced construction costs.

Please note, that CORMIX - GTH version does NOT include Sediments, Drill Cuttings and Muds Discharge Modeling capability for modeling dredging sediments from dredge operations and drilling muds and cuttings from oil and gas drilling operations.

Within the USA, all Federal, State, Local, and Tribal regulators can get special discounted pricing. Please contact us to obtain information on current government pricing and licensing options.

The latest/current supported version is CORMIX v12.0GTH

Please review the Feature Comparison Table for features available in CORMIX v12.0GTH - VIEW

CorHyd Definition Diagram
CorHyd will assist in the analysis and design of the internal diffuser hydraulics of such multiport diffusers.

CorHyd Visualization of multiport diffuser
CorHyd visualization of the multiport diffuser sections and ports.
CORMIX software is licensed and distributed solely by MixZon Inc

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  2. Download, install and evaluate CORMIX using the evaluation version - Download
    (CORMIX v12.0E is the Free Demo Version)
  3. Review the CORMIX Licensing Agreement - VIEW
  4. Review the Feature Comparison table for CORMIX - VIEW
  5. Buy the appropriate licensing from MixZon Inc - CORMIX Licensing and Sales
  6. Activate/unlock the E version to the GTH version, by following the instructions e-mailed to you AFTER an order is processed successfully.