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Mixing Processes Image Gallery

Listed below are links to pages with information on mixing processes, description on how CORMIX models various flows, and images of laboratory and field examples of mixing zone processes.

These images have been collected from various sources, and many are posted with citation credit.

Please let us know if you have information on an image source so we can post the proper citations for credit.

Atmospheric Plumes
Cooling Waters
Density Currents
Suspended Sediments
Wake and Coanda Attachments
Mixing In Rivers
Municiapl Wate Water
Thermal Mixing Zones
Quick Links To:
Atmospheric Plumes Attachments Boundary Interactions Brines CORMIX Classification System Cooling Waters
Density Currents-Upstream Intrusions Estuaries Far-Field Flow Processes Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Lakes Municipal Wastewater
Near-Field Flow Processes Oceans Regulatory Mixing Zones Rivers Schematization Stable Flows - Deep Water Conditions
Stagnation Points Steady Ambient Currents Turbulent Buoyant Jets Tributary Mixing Zones - Thermal Refugia Unstable Flows - Shallow Water Conditions Unsteady Ambient Currents and Tides
Wake Flow Discharge Conditions