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CORMIX Technical Support

The first stop to obtain CORMIX help is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) site. The FAQ has answers to common questions along with procedures for requesting technical support for specific simulations.

This page contans links to documentation, typical model applications, training, a glossary of CORMIX terms, and a gallery of mixing zone images.

The CORMIX User Manual and CORMIX Technical reports can be downloaded from the MixZon website

For step by step help on using the CORMIX user interface, please refer to the FAQ published in the MixZon website.

Paid technical support for CORMIX software, modeling and mixing zone analysis can be obtained from MixZon Inc via a CorSupport - CORMIX Technical Support Subscription.

Quick Links

An angler hopes for luck in a tributary mixing zone on a lake. A density current front in the far-field is formed by warm tributary runoff into a cold Lake Cayuga, NY. Several studies have identified mixing zones as important fish habitat and this type of flow can be modeled with CORMIX3 (Photo: G. Jirka).

A Science Magazine cover shows Mt. Saint Helens, Washington giving a powerful demonstration of Mother Nature's version of buoyant jet mixing.