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CORMIX is a USEPA-supported mixing zone model and decision support system for environmental impact assessment of regulatory mixing zones resulting from continuous point source discharges.

The system emphasizes the role of boundary interaction to predict steady-state mixing behavior and plume geometry.

CORMIX consists of a series of software systems for the analysis, prediction, and design of discharges into watercourses or the atmosphere, with emphasis on steady-state values for the geometry and dilution characteristics of the mixing zone.

The CORMIX methodology contains systems to model single-port, multiport diffuser discharges and surface discharge sources.

Effluents considered may be conservative, non-conservative, heated, brine discharges or contain suspended sediments.

Advanced information systems provide documented water quality modeling, NPDES regulatory decision support, visualization of regulatory mixing zones, and tools for outfall specification and design.

MixZon Inc is the primary contact for CORMIX information, licensing, sales and technical support.

CORMIX software is licensed and distributed solely by MixZon Inc

A wastewater discharge attracts coastal aquatic life. The classification system within CORMIX gives comprehensive and documented analysis, essential for environmental protection, regulatory mixing compliance, and engineering design.


CORMIX is an advanced information systems that delivers a comprehensive analysis of regulatory mixing zones, including evaluation of critical benthic ecological impacts. This easy-to-use rule-based expert system for Windows has an extensive development history.

CORMIX provides documented analysis to over 6000 environmental professionals worldwide. CORMIX has been applied to broad range of regulatory mixing problems since 1988.

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